Children storytelling and activities

Jim and Natalee will present educational entertainment through storytelling with side-kick puppets! Each storytelling session is tailored to the uniqueness of each group. Core and stem included. From school assemblies to park events , there is a story for everything.

Jim and Natalee also offer Personal Safety programs for your Classroom.

Jim has a Master’s in Education and 23 years of law enforcement experience.

Natalee is Recreational Therapist with two Child Development Associate degrees, many years teaching in PreK & K and 100 stories in her head to tell.

 They come prepared to engage, entertain and educate.


Senior Programs

Jim and Natalee have discovered the popular program of combining storytelling with various interactive subjects for discussion. Program includes; Kansas History, this week in history, stories, jokes, and various subjects of mental stimulation.


Jim and Natalee offer  interactive and animated programs for teachers and parents who serve pre-school through primary school children. Some of the programs can be:

  • Personal Safety
  • Puppet Making & Developing Your Own Puppet Character
  • Themes in the Classroom: Space, Dinosaurs, & Living Life on the Prairie
  • Storytelling in your classroom 
  • Jim and Natalee offer interactive and animated programs.  Most of these workshops serve teachers for pre-school through primary school children.

First Person Programs

Natalee will perform first person accounts of various historical personalities. This is an educational program to introduce women from history.

First Person Programs


Gordon Parks Workshop

Black History

Martha Washington                  Dolley Madison

American History

Esther of Purim

Natalee presents the story of Esther of Purim, Jewish History.

What a great addition Natalee made with the nine weeks of various presentations to each classroom. We want her back."
-School administrator

Since 1986, the family of puppets has grown to include a wide assortment of fun and engaging animals. Fred Frog and Cinnamon Bear continue to be the principal personalities to visit between stories. The kids love these sidekick puppets.

Jim and Natalee’s collection of 100 stories include: Southwest Tales, General Folk Tales, Tall Tales, Holiday Tales, Stories of Inspiration, True Stories, and Fairy Tales.

Jim and Natalee offer an artist-in-residence program of ongoing curriculum for students. Topics for the classroom are particularly tapered for pre-school to primary ages. 

Special Appearances

  • School Assemblies and Classrooms

  • Birthday Parties

  • Character Counts Activities

  • Childrens Events

  • Library Visits

  • Family Gatherings

  • Conventions

  • Corporate Parties

Parties and Celebrations

For birthday parties, Fred Frog will call the birthday child the night before the visit, and his or her name will be included in some of the stories that are told. In addition, a small gift is included in the price of the event!

Natalee’s collection of 100 stories include:

  • Southwest Tales
  • General Folk Tales
  • Spanish and Native American Tales
  • Tall Tales
  • Fables
  • Bible Stories
  • Character Development

I learned how to make story telling fun and exciting.

-YDI Workshop Participant
"I loved all the different ideas about story telling Natalee gave us." - workshop participant

Professional Development

Jim and Natalee instruct teachers in methods of storytelling and shows the links between storytelling and literacy skills, voice techniques, story development, imagination and listening that are essential for every participent.

Contact Us to find out how to schedule professional development sessions for your teachers.

Workshop Topics

Preparing and Developing a Story
Hear how scenes are adapted to stories, how to choose and develop your own story, and more.

Parts to a Story
Learn how story parts correlate with listening skills

Voice and Sound Effects
Discover how pauses, voice inflections, and sound effects (to name a few) can enhance your storytelling or story reading time.

Involving Children
Be trained in holding children's attention in storytelling or readings. Finger plays and songs for age-appropriate classes are included.

Learn how to handle and include puppets in your classroom. Natalee has a wide variety of paper puppet ideas for post-story activities.

Learn history with characters like Dollie Madison, Martha Washington, and Esther of Purim

Topics include:

  • Home Safety
  • Outdoor Safety
  • Personal Safety

...and More!
Besides learning of storytelling and puppets, Jim and Natalee have more workshops for adding to your theme curriculums. One of their favorites to share is the theme of "Life on the Prairie." Children can be introduced to a hands-on American History environment while learning of family life as well.

Jim and Natalee do activities for several assisted living houses. All the owners of the houses have commented on how their residents "Look so very forward to the 'activity lady.' Some will even skip a nap just to be there."


Jim and Natalee go to Senior Facilities in Activities. They bring stimulating topics such as:

  • This week in history
  • National Parks
  • Presidents
  • WW2
  • Kansas Stories, Trivia and History

  • American History
  • Holiday stories and origins
  • Travels in Country and Out
  • Inspiring stories and events often are told